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Steering Organizations Through Change

Fred Moody

In exercising leadership, companies and their executives often chart courses that can transform their organizations as well as create risks. In this issue, our contributors provide a compass to show how leadership and change create new opportunities.

Customarily, each edition of LQ features articles on leadership in logistics and supply chain management. But this edition is especially dedicated to the theme of leadership.

Clearly, as evidenced by our contributors, there is a great diversity of talent and accomplishments that define leadership. Our contributors’ practices and organizations encompass a landscape as diverse as logistics itself, from technology and healthcare to leading educational institutions in the field.

However, there are also commonalities that define leadership, as shown by Dr. David Closs in his article entitled Perspectives on Logistics Leadership. It is noteworthy that, in each case, leaders have made important contributions to distinguish their organizations and practices to realize achievements that will be lasting.

Our contributors show that one of the greatest forces calling for an open-mindedness to new ideas in this discipline is the global environment, from the crisis imposed by SARs to radical shifts in the economics of supply and demand. The global economy is unleashing new competitive forces and calling for new ideas to compete and fuel success. Perhaps not surprisingly, our contributors also depict the way that logistics and supply chain management are evolving to reach out to other disciplines in business in the context of the global village.

As LQ approaches its tenth anniversary, it is also changing to mirror the growing level of sophistication in our field. We are maintaining our vision and editorial mandate to convey managerial knowledge through articles written by professionals for professionals, but our presentation is different. I believe our new look affords a richer, more reader-friendly editorial environment. We continue to be vigilant and look forward to implementing future developments to create more value for our readership.
I would be remiss if I failed to note that not all of the submissions dedicated to the theme of leadership were published this issue. But we’re looking forward to the publication of these articles in the future as we develop and offer more information to further good management in this exciting field.